orbital adhesive tape carton sealing and wrapping packaging machine

Stretch film is the most using packaging material for the orbital wrapping machine, but for some products, people want to have the case wrapped by adhesive tape such as BOPP tape, because they want the wrapping is more stabilized and the wrapping material sticks better to ensure the package won’t loose and the case will not scatter even it’s dropped during the transportation.

The wrapping material differs, so the machine has to be different. Particularly the automatic cutting system. This orbital tape wrapping machine is the horizontal structure spiral wrapping packaging machine, it’s specifically applied to the wrapping packaging of big cartons, and stacked plastic trays. Suitable for industries like meat factory and cold chain as well as electronics…….where the products are commonly inside cartons and boxes as well as loaded on plastic trays.

The machine finishes the whole packaging by in-feeding with conveyor belt, and spiral ring for winding tape to the case, automatic adhesive tape loading, cutting and catching performed by the film cutter which driven by pneumatic cylinders under the control of PLC program. The machine adopts servo motor for the better performance and photoelectricity for the detection and signal of the products in-coming. It’s a unique case sealing solution which is different from carton sealer.

Orbital tape wrapping machine-case sealing system

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