Steel coil wrapper

Horizontal type coil wrapping machine with roller conveyors built on the machine for in-feed and out-feed the heavy steel coils. The machine is suitable for packing steel coils by wrapping with stretch film and composite paper belts. The machine can be integrated with automatic lines for realizing the fully automatic working mode.

Model: EM-SL500

fully automatic steel coil wrapping machine
  • Horizontal coil wrapping machine with roller conveyors for in-feeding and out-feeding;
  • Multiple wrapping materials are available for choosing, including stretch film, composite paper and knit belt;
  • PLC program controls the machine, installed photoelectricity to detect the steel coils;
  • Taper rollers for lifting and rotating the steel coils;
  • Side rollers to clamp the steel coils, fixing it in the center;
  • Automatic film cutter, doing the film cutting and clamping automatically.


Coil ID508mm/customized
Coil OD800-1600mm
Coil width20-300mm
Max load5000Kg
Ring rotation speed20-60rpm
Roller speed2-4m/min
Power supply380V, 3Ph, 50Hz

Operation video: