Gypsum boards wrapper

A unique and fully automatic stretch wrapping machine which can do both horizontal stretch wrapping and vertical stretch wrapping. It’s very suitable for packaging stacked bundles of gypsum boards and MDF boards as well as other types of panels, plates and boards.

Model: HM-BD2000

orbital stretch wrapper for packing gypsum boards
  • Machine to be controlled by PLC program system with unmanned operation;
  • Fully automatic working mode, convenient to do operation;
  • Automatic chain type conveyors for bundle automatic in-feeding and out-feeding;
  • Turntable with conveyor enables the machine to do stretch wrapping in both horizontal and vertical direction;
  • Suitable packaging machine for stacked bundles of gypsum boards and MDF boards.


Bundle length1500-3000mm
Bundle Width800-1500mm
Bundle Height1000-1500mm
Max load3000Kg
Film rollID: 76mm, width: 500mm
Ring rotation20-40rpm

Operation video: