For product transportation, the current pallet protection technologies mainly include traditional cardboard box packaging, stretch wrap packaging, shrink wrap packaging and new stretch hood film packaging. Compared with the other three packaging methods, the advantages of stretch hood film packaging are shown in below.

Home Appliance Industry

Stretch hood film is favored by the home appliance industry because it has good see-through properties. In addition to protecting products, it can also provide good product display effects. In addition, stretch hood film packaging technology is used to package home appliances, and the barcode can be scanned through the film to prevent it from falling off or being damaged outside the carton.

Beverage and Canning Industry

Currently, major changes in product specifications (0.25-3.50L) in the beverage industry place high requirements on packaging stability and performance. The many advantages of stretch hood film packaging make this technology the best solution for packaging in the beverage industry.

Construction Industry

stretch hood film packaging used in building material industry

Construction industry applications cover a wide range of product ranges, from bricks and tiles as well as cement, roofing materials and mortar to wooden flooring and wall panels. The shapes and sizes of these products vary widely, and there is a growing demand for terminal palletized packaging, which requires greater flexibility in packaging. In addition, the demand for low-cost packaging and environmentally friendly packaging processes has made people more concerned about energy and material consumption. Therefore, the construction industry requires high-quality stretch wrapping equipment that provides optimal pallet stability at a lower cost. Which the stretch hood film packaging is just for it.

Chemical Industry

Heat shrink packaging has always been the first choice for chemical product packaging, while stretch hood film does not require heating or energy use when packaging goods, thereby avoiding the heat generated during the packaging process that affects chemical products.

Food Industry

The food industry uses stretch hood film packaging. Individually packaged foods can be stacked in shrink-wrapped films and placed directly in supermarkets. They can be sold after opening the film packaging. This saves a lot of time and money because employees are not required to place the products. Stretch hood film packaging provides high pallet loading stability, excellent cargo protection and optimal product visual effects.

Paper Industry

For copy paper and roll paper, stretch hood film packaging equipment enables secure packaging with a single layer of film at minimal cost. The equipment is equipped with an automatic film switching device, which can use films of different sizes for packaging.

Stretch hood film packaging is an economical and flexible packaging method that can ensure the safety and reliability of goods and can also be stored outdoors. Compared with traditional packaging methods, it has good visual effects and high work efficiency. It has waterproof and dustproof packaging effect, and is especially suitable for cable materials and film materials with high cleanliness requirements, so it is widely used in packaging fields such as food, beverages, and household appliances.

Although China is still in the exploratory stage for this field, stretch hood film packaging has been widely used in some European countries. More than 1,400 tensile casing machines are in operation. The development prospects of the Asian market (especially the Chinese market) are better. This is because China has many new factories and is willing to accept advanced foreign equipment or technology; China has a vast territory, a large temperature difference between north and south, and a relatively harsh logistics environment. Therefore, reducing product losses during transportation through high-quality packaging is a very direct way for companies to reduce costs. It also has a positive impact on Chinese companies to ensure product quality, improve packaging efficiency, and enhance appearance quality.

Applications of Stretch Hood Film Packaging and The Advantages

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