stretch hood film for pallet packaging

There are many ways for packaging a pallet, stretch hood is one of the variant solutions. Stretch hood film is a very demanding application, derived from high-quality petroleum raw materials, which have good tear strength and puncture resistance, as well as superior clamping force and stretch force. Reasonable formula can produce stretch hood with various technical requirements such as clamping force and tensile strength. Meet the diverse needs of customers in various industries to pack different goods and materials.

Stretch hood packs pallets with the goods together, making it ideal for transportation, and can effectively prevent the product from falling off. The stretch hood film can protect the product from water and dust. Forms a bag by sealing the top, which is effectively waterproof. The transparency of the stretch hood film is higher than the traditional PE film, you can see the Barcodes and logos clearly, fully demonstrate the value of advertising and exhibitions.

This packaging material is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Stretch hood film does not require heat energy. So it keeps your products away from fire and explosion. The stretch hood pallet packaging can save up to 10% film, ensuring low film consumption, while eliminating the thin and fragile film at the corners of the load, making the film at the corners about 30% thicker than normal. It offers significant advantages over other types of pallet packaging methods – from potential cost savings through reduced film and energy consumption, to material handling convenience, to product display opportunities and improved marketability.

stretch hood pallet packaging machine

This system is suitable for pallet packaging and production line packaging of different sizes. It can be used for heavy-duty packaging such as glass bottles, building materials, and home applience. Using programmable PLC and touch screen, the display is clear and easy to operate. The machine is equipped with sensors to detect the dimensions of incoming goods. Stretch hoods of different lengths are generated based on the detected signal. Modular design, very stable and sturdy, suitable for continuous work. Gear reducers and frequency converters are used to control mechanical movement. The maximum production capacity can reach 100 pallets/hour.

Stretch Hood Packaging VS Stretch Wrap Packaging:

  • Using continuously improved packaging technology, the stacks can be quickly and safely covered with waterproof films;
  • Space Savings: We are talking about a machine which is small in size but powerful in function, it is specially designed to improve operating efficiency and reliability and has energy-saving functions; In today’s production, space is often at a premium and packaging areas have a small footprint. The stretch hood machine is small, but elegant and functional.
  • Due to the large vertical stretching force of the film, the loading stability is improved;
  • Reduce product losses due to theft;
  • Product ventilation and film printing can be achieved;
  • Suitable for driverless transportation systems or automatic high-level racking systems;
  • The stretch hood provides a 5-sided waterproof barrier, reducing the risk of product damage due to contamination, weather effects, and stress to the product during shipping and storage;
  • The frequency of film replacement can be reduced by up to 10 times, improving equipment availability and reducing the operator’s workload;
  • The fully transparent film plum blossom product appearance enhances the brand awareness of the product at the point of sale or during transportation, and promotes consumer purchasing behavior;
  • No additional film seal is required, and the barcode is highly readable;
  • Accurate cost planning can be specified by accurately calculating film consumption;
  • The film is completely reusable.

The current annual usage of stretch hood film in North America is 20,000 tons and is growing at an annual rate of 20%. The load stability as well as the plasticity of its clamping and tensile properties make the stretch hood film ideally suited for pallet packaging. From the packaging of PET empty plastic bottles (high stretch rate, low clamping force) to the packaging of cement bags (low stretch rate, high clamping force), stretch hood packaging is applied to every industry.

Stretch Hood Pallet Packaging VS Stretch Wrap Pallet Packaging

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