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The sealing machine is a machine that seals containers filled with product. After the product is put into the container, in order to seal and preserve the product, maintain product quality, and avoid product loss, the container needs to be sealed. This operation is performed on sealing machine.

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Fully automatic filling and sealing machine is mainly used for the filling of plastic cups, plastic boxes and plastic bottles, and the production of composite film sealing products of corresponding materials. Such as filling and sealing of jelly, juice, milk, yogurt, beverages, fast food and other materials. It can be adapted to filling liquids and slurries of different viscosities, and can be adapted to packaging containers of different shapes and capacities.

Category of Sealing Machine:

  • Capping and sealing machine: The finished cap of this sealing machine has internal threads processed in advance, and the threads are divided into single-head and multi-head. Medicine bottles mostly use single-start threads, and can bottles mostly use multi-start threads. This machine seals the cap by rotating it and pressing it tightly against the mouth of the container.
  • Rolling sealer: The finished caps of this sealing machine are mostly made of aluminum. There are no threads in advance. The aluminum caps are rolled with rollers so that the caps have threads that are exactly the same as the threads of the bottle mouth to seal the container. When the cover is unsealed, the indentation along the skirt will be broken and cannot be restored, so it is also called an “anti-theft cover”. This machine is mostly used for sealing and packaging of high-end wines and beverages.
  • Stopper sealing machine: This kind of sealing material is a bottle stopper made of rubber, plastic, cork and other elastic materials, which uses its own elastic deformation to seal the bottle mouth. When this machine seals, the bottle stopper is placed above the bottle mouth, and the bottle stopper is pressed into the bottle mouth through vertical pressure to achieve sealing and packaging. The stopper seal can be used as a stand-alone seal or together with the bottle cap as a combined seal.
  • Crimping and Sealing Machine: This machine is mainly used for sealing metal food cans. It uses rollers to curl, hook and press the periphery of the can lid and can body flange to achieve sealed packaging.
  • Desktop automatic aluminum foil sealing machine: This machine is mainly used in medicine, pesticides, food, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries. It is an ideal sealing equipment and has fast sealing speed. It is made of an all-stainless steel mold shell. It is easy to use, has good sealing quality and can work continuously. It is suitable for large Mass production, beautiful appearance.
  • Handheld foil sealing machine: This handheld aluminum foil sealing machine is used for aluminum foil sealing operations on plastic glass and other non-metallic packaging containers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, cosmetics, lubricant and other industries. This machine adopts the principle of electromagnetic field induction heating. It uses high-frequency current to generate a magnetic field through an inductor coil. When the magnetic field lines pass through the sealed aluminum foil material, a large number of small eddy currents are instantly generated, causing the aluminum foil to heat itself at high speed and melt the sol compounded on the aluminum foil. Paste it on the seal of the sealed object to achieve the purpose of rapid sealing.
  • Pneumatic vertical sealing machine: This pneumatic vertical sealing machine adopts a vertical sealing method, which improves the operator’s work efficiency and the flatness of the seal, and can reduce labor intensity for overweight items. The machine has reasonable structure, stable quality and reliable performance. It can be operated manually or pedal-electrically. It is simple, convenient, efficient and practical. It is widely used in chemical, grain, food, feed and other industries.
  • Electromagnetic induction sealing machine: The electromagnetic induction sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to instantly generate high heat on the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth, and then fuse it to the bottle mouth to achieve the sealing function. The sealing speed is fast and suitable for mass production; the shell is formed by an all-stainless steel mold, which is beautiful and elegant; it is easy to use and has good sealing quality. continuously working. It is an ideal sealing equipment for medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricants and other industries.
What is Sealing Machine and How Many Types Are There?

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