Luggage stretch wrapper

The luggage stretch wrapping machine has the undersized turntable with automatic clamping poles to fix the luggage on the turntable for rotation. The machine wrap the suitcase by pre-stretched film to make tight wrapping for protecting the suitcase. It’s a suitable packaging machine to use in airports and also can be used to wrap cartons and air parcel in express industry.

Model: TP-LP100

automatic luggage stretch wrapping machine
  • Automatic stretch wrapping machine with photoelectricity and limit switch sensoring units;
  • PLC program system and display/HMI for your operation convenience;
  • One button click to start the wrapping of the machine;
  • Undersized turntable with clamping poles for fixing the suitcase on turntable at wrapping;
  • Pre-stretch function make tighter wrapping than manual wrapping and saves material;
  • Available to have a screen for displaying the instruction video of machine operation;
  • Available to have weighing scale for indicating the luggage weight;
  • Improves your packaging efficiency much higher than manual wrapping by hands.


Film rollWidth: 500mm, ID: 76mm, OD: max 250mm
Film thickness25-35 microns
Packing sizeL250-800mm, W220-480mm, H1000mm (available to customize)
Max load200Kg
Turntable speed20-40rpm
Pre-stretch ratio250%
Power supply220V, 1/3Ph, 50/60Hz

Operation video: