Orbital panel wrapper

Horizontal orbital wrapping machine applied for the packaging of panels. Suitable for wrapping products like door, window, mattress, panel…..it’s also applicable to furniture wrapping. Make tight wrapping to protect the products at shipping and handling.

Model: HM-A1400

horizontal orbital wrapper packing door, window and panels
  • Fully automatic working mode, convenient to do operation;
  • Motorized roller table for infeeding and outfeeding the panels;
  • Suitable to be used for wrapping panels, door, window and boards;
  • Machine to be controlled by PLC program system with unmanned operation;
  • The wrapped panels are tight and nice, make nice and protective wrapping for your goods;
  • Available to upgrade with top film dispenser, to apply a layer of thick PE film and foils or bubble film/foam sheets before wrapping. Make the wrapping is fully sealed and airtight.


Packing length800mm-unlimited
Width600-1200mm (available to customize)
Thickness100-300mm (available to customize)
Max load1000Kg
Film rollID: 76mm, width: 200mm
Ring rotation40-60rpm

Operation video: