How to check whether the carton sealing machine meets the needs of use?

carton sealing machine
carton sealing machine

The carton sealing machine is an automated packaging equipment used for carton sealing operations, and there are some special customized carton sealing opportunities tailored to the user’s requirements, so this part of the carton sealing machine may not have been made before, so this Whether the carton sealing machine meets the needs of use, it is more worthy of the customer to study carefully. Below, we will share with you how to check whether the carton sealing machine meets the needs of use.

1. Check the operation and moving parts of the sealing machine. The operation should be stable, the action should be sensitive, coordinated, and accurate, without jamming and abnormal noise.

2. Air circuit of the sealing machine. Qualified should be that the connection should be sealed without leakage.

3. Check the electrical control system of the sealing machine. The electrical connectors should be firmly connected and numbered: the operating buttons should be flexible, and there should be an emergency stop button: the indicator light should be normal.

4. Sealing quality: When the carton sealing machine is sealing, the tape should be flat without wrinkles, flanging or warping; the length of the tape head: 20mm-60mm; the length error of each seal head: <=3mm; tape cut It should be flat, lint-free and non-adhesive; the offset of the sealing center: less than 2mm.

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