Horizontal orbital wrap packer machine packaging furniture

Horizontal orbital wrap packer machines have been widely used in the building materials industry, kitchenware industry, and woodworking industry. They are mainly used for packaging relatively long products, the wrapping is tight and for saving materials, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

The ring diameter of the horizontal orbital wrap packer machine is customized according to the diagonal of the oblique section of the product, which mainly depends on the length, width, and height of the product. It’s important to make an orbital wrap packer just fit to your packaging objects as the large ring will have loose package and wrinkles when wrapping small objects. Emanpack always have the customized service and solution for each clients to help them get the best package to improve their competitiveness.

The wrapping material could be stretch film, knit belt, woven material, VCI tape, HDPE film and composite paper. The wrapped objects are getting the protection of water proof and dust proof. Available to keep and store in the warehouse for a long time without any problems.

There are also variant optional accessories such as double film spools and top film dispenser for applying a layer of PE film on the furniture before the wrapping. This will make the products fully wrapped and sealed without any leak.

Horizontal orbital wrap packer machine packaging furniture

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