Rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper

Rotary arm pallet stretch wrapping machine is the pallet packer which doesn’t require the load to rotate. The machine has wide suspension with rotating arm to rotate around the pallet loads 360°, automatic film dispenser to apply a layer of thick PE film/plastic foil/bubble film/foam sheet to make it fully wrapped.

Model: TP-XB180-FD

rotary arm pallet stretch wrapping machine with film dispenser
  • Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine with photoelectricity and limit switch sensoring units;
  • PLC program system and HMI for your operation convenience;
  • Fully automatic working mode to improve the efficiency and reduce labor costs;
  • Roller table conveyor to integrate with palletizer and packing line;
  • Pre-stretch function make tighter wrapping than manual wrapping and saves material;
  • Automatic film cutter to clamp and cut the film controlled by the PLC program;
  • Film dispenser to apply film/foil/sheet on top of the load, make the pallet fully wrapped.


Suspension length2800mm/customized
Suitable pallet dimensions1.2*1.2m/1.2*1.0m/1.0*0.8m
Wrapping height2000mm
Max load2000Kg
Turntable speed18rpm
Pre-stretch ratio250%/300%
Power supply380V, 3Ph, 50Hz

Operation video: