Pallet stretch wrap robot

This pallet wrapping machine is suitable to be used in small workshops with limited space or having variant loads especially extremely large pallets. The machine is self propelled, it’s powered by battery and has self steering function. The machine walks around the pallet loads to wrap it efficiently and make tight package.

Model: TP-R600-X

Self propelled pallet wrapping machine
  • Automatic pallet stretch wrapping machine with photoelectricity and limit switch sensoring units;
  • PLC program system and HMI for your operation convenience;
  • One button click to start the wrapping of the machine;
  • Self propelled pallet stretch wrapping robot with automatic steering, has no limitation for the big pallets and heavy loads;
  • Pre-stretch function make tighter wrapping than manual wrapping and saves material;
  • Improves your packaging efficiency much higher than manual wrapping by hands.


Battery120Ah, 12V
Suitable pallet dimensions600*600mm-unlimited
Wrapping height2400mm
Max load50kg-unlimited
Running speed90m/min
Pre-stretch ratio230%/300%
Power supply220V, 1Ph, 50/60Hz

Operation video: