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Frequency conversion air conditioners, frequency conversion washing machines and other frequency conversion products have appeared in our lives one after another. The biggest advantage of frequency conversion is to reduce energy consumption and save energy during the long-term operation of machinery.

It’s true for stretch wrap machines as well. In recent years, the demand for pallet stretch wrapping equipment has become increasingly strong. To reduce energy consumption, it is necessary to use frequency converters. The selection of pallet stretch wrapper frequency converter components directly determines the service life of the pallet stretch wrap machine. Extend the service life of the pallet stretch wrap machine to a certain extent. Of course, if the choice is not good, there will be some side effects on the service life of the stretch wrap machine. Today we will briefly understand how to choose the inverter of the stretch wrap machine.

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First of all, it is necessary to know that the general load-bearing capacity of the turntable pallet wrapper is about 2T, but in the actual working process, most of the turntable pallet wrappers are in the process of overloading. If the goods wrapped by the pallet wrapper are too heavy, some machines cannot meet the requirements. If the operation is forced, it may cause damage to the wrapping machine or reduce the service life of the equipment, so special customization is required in this case. To solve the load-bearing problem of heavy-duty packages, it is important to start with the turntable and frequency converter.

The thickness of the turntable steel plate of the pallet wrapper is generally about 8mm, and there are generally 6 nylon rollers at the low end to fix and support. At the same time, these 6 nylon rollers can also rotate to drive the rotation of the turntable.

The influence of the advantages and disadvantages of the converters of the pallet stretch wrap machine and the selection conditions:
If the power of the frequency converter selected by the user is less than the power of the motor, or the objects placed on the turntable by the user are larger than the loadability of the wrapping machine itself, the frequency converter will stop suddenly due to overload operation during the operation of the pallet wrapper, and the user can restart the device at this time Continue to work, but working like this for a long time will cause great damage to the components in the converters, and it will age as time goes by, and the equipment will stop working completely.
The turntable needs a lot of power during the rotation process. The source of this power is the motor. Since the pallet stretch wrapper is mostly frequency conversion speed regulation, the corresponding motor must be equipped with a corresponding frequency converter. Generally speaking, the power of the frequency converter needs to be Equal to or greater than the motor, so that it will be more stable during the operation of the equipment.

Therefore, if the goods to be packaged are relatively light, choose a smaller frequency converter, and if the goods to be packaged are relatively heavy, choose a larger frequency converter. We should choose the appropriate converter according to the actual situation.

How to choose converter for pallet stretch wrap machine

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