Coil upender and tilter used for the turning of hot-rolled steel products

This article is briefly introducing the system composition and working principle of the 2250mm hot-rolled finished product warehouse steel coil upender machine developed and designed by Wuxi Emancipator Machinery Co., Ltd., focusing on the main technical performance, structural characteristics and application of this type of tumbling machine, which are similar design and development of the product provides a reference.

The steel coil upender machine is a special important metallurgical equipment that turns the coil from a vertical position to a horizontal position, or from a horizontal position to a vertical position, for uncoiling or transportation. Traditional tumbling machines are mostly driven by motors through reducers and lever mechanisms or sector gears. This structure has a large structure and low efficiency due to the low turning speed of the turning table and the large speed ratio of the transmission system. In recent years, most of the tumbling machines are hydraulically driven, usually by hydraulic cylinders, and the turning table is turned around a fixed fulcrum. Since the end face of the steel coil cannot be reliably contacted with the vertical end face of the supporting coil, the turning process of the steel coil and the turning table will have a great impact on the equipment and hydraulic system, and it is more likely that the center of gravity is not in the turning center and the steel coil will be damaged. Dangers such as slipping.

The equipment is equipped with a lifting device and a push plate device on the basis of the previous design, which can roll up steel coils of different coil diameters and widths, and solve the above possible problems. By introducing the main technical parameters, structural features and applications of the 2250mm hot-rolled finished warehouse steel coil turning machine, we want to bring you more knowledge and details of the turning machines which are developed and designed by our company for a company. We want to get you the most suitable one for handling your case to help you with your production.

Coil upender used for the turning of hot-rolled steel products

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