Turntable roll stretch wrapper

Developed based on the turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine, this turntable roll stretch wrapper is aimed to wrap large and heavy jumbo rolls such as paper rolls by stretch wrapping. Cheap solution and it’s the ideal packing machine, the roll is self rotating on the turntable, making it fully wrapped from all sides.

Model: TP-JP165

Turntable rolls and reels wrapping machine
  • Automatic turntable stretch wrapping machine with photoelectricity and limit switch sensoring units;
  • PLC program system and display/HMI for your operation convenience;
  • One button click to start the wrapping of the machine;
  • Two supportive rollers built on the turntable, make the jumbo roll self rotated during wrapping;
  • Pre-stretch function make tighter wrapping than manual wrapping and saves material;
  • Improves your packaging efficiency much higher than manual wrapping by hands.


Turntable diameter1650mm/customized
Roll width400-900mm
Roll diameter600-2200mm
Max load2000Kg
Turntable speed12rpm
Pre-stretch ratio250%/300%
Power supply220V, 1/3Ph, 50/60Hz

Operation video: