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PE protective film, the full name is Polyethylene, is a polymer organic compound with the simplest structure and the most widely used polymer material in the world today. PE protective film uses special polyethylene (PE) plastic film as the base material and is divided into high-density polyethylene protective film, medium-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene according to its density.

For problems that occur during the packaging and transportation, the most common one is scratching, which causes huge economic losses. Because once products are scratched, they are basically useless and can only be scrapped. The biggest advantage of PE protective film is that the protected products are not polluted, corroded, scratched during production, processing, transportation, storage and use, and the original smooth and shiny surface is protected, thereby improving product quality and market competitiveness.

Performance Features:

  1. The protective film is inert to the surface of the protected material;
  2. The protective film has good adhesion to the material to be protected, and will not warp or fall off during material handling and processing;
  3. The protective film has good weather resistance and adhesion stability. The peeling force does not increase significantly after being applied for several days or for a long time, and it is easy to remove. When removed, there is no residual glue remaining on the protected surface and no shadow is left;
  4. Low crystal point;
  5. Suitable stickiness: easy to stick and tear;
  6. Stable peeling force: small change over time, that is, the smaller the increase in peeling force, the better;
  7. Good weather resistance: under sunlight exposure conditions, the service life is as long as half a year to one year;
  8. Long storage period: stored in the warehouse for more than one year, the quality will not change;
  9. No pollution or corrosion: The adhesive is inert and will not react chemically with the surface of the adhered material;
  10. Excellent mechanical properties: tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation, etc. that meet user requirements.

Application Fields of PE Protective Film:

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  1. Hardware industry: computer casing, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, plastic steel plate, glass plate, solar panel, etc.;
  2. Optoelectronic industry: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight panel, cold light sheet, membrane switch, mobile phone screen, etc.;
  3. Plastic industry: ABS, PP injection molded products, PVC sheets, acrylic sheets, instruments, plastic lenses, surface protection of painted parts, etc.;
  • Printing industry: PVC, PC board, aluminum plate, film and other printing nameplate surface protection, etc.;
  • Wire and cable industry: The protection of shaft-mounted copper wires, semi-finished products, finished products, and rolled finished products can effectively prevent dust pollution, and has anti-oxidation and anti-fouling effects;
  • In the electronics industry, during production, finished products and semi-finished products are generally protected from scratches and damage on the assembly line;
  • In the mobile phone digital industry, mobile phone film is also called mobile phone beauty film and mobile phone protective film. It is a cold surface film that can be used to install the body and screen of mobile phones.
What is PE Protective Film and Where it’s Used for?

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