Bearing stretch wrapper

Coil stretch wrapping machine has very large application range. It’s also available to be used as the packing machine for large bearings such as slewing bearing, wind turbine bearing, bearing ring….The wrapped package is tight and protective, give the anti-rust, anti-abrasion to the heavy bearings.

Model: EM-BL600

Automatic line finishing steel coil turning and wrapping
  • Horizontal coil wrapping machine with roller table for bearing in-feeding and out-feeding;
  • Multiple wrapping materials are available for choosing, including stretch film, composite paper and VCI tape;
  • PLC program controls the machine, installed photoelectricity to detect the bearing;
  • Taper rollers for lifting and rotating the steel coils;
  • Side rollers to clamp the bearings, fixing it in the center;
  • It’s applied to slewing bearing, wind turbine bearing, bearing ring and toroidal core.


Coil ID150-300mm/customized
Coil OD300-600mm
Coil width20-160mm
Max load500Kg
Ring rotation speed20-90rpm
Roller speed2-4m/min
Power supply380V, 3Ph, 50Hz

Operation video: