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A hay baler is an agricultural machine used to compress crops, such as hay or silage, into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport, and store. The baled forage can stay dry better and retain some of the nutritional value in the forage for longer time.

hay baler-min
hay baler-min

The most common type of hay baler is the round baler, which produces “cylindrical” or “rolled” hay bales. The hay baler uses rubber belts and fixed rollers, or a combination of both to collect and compress the hay and silage inside the baler by rolling. When the bale reaches the desired size, the hay baler wraps netting or twine around it to maintain the bale’s shape. After baling is completed, the rear hood of the baler automatically opens and the bale is discharged afterwards. At this stage, the bales are completed, but the bales can also be wrapped in plastic film using a bale wrapper to keep the hay dry when stored outdoors or to convert moist grass into silage.

This bale packaging machine has good compatibility and can be applied to a range of bales of different sizes. It has adopted the idea from the jumbo roll stretch wrapper machine. The structure of the machine includes a film carriage and a rotating table. The rotating table is equipped with a pair of rollers, and the rollers are driven by a motor. The rotation of the roller drives the rotation of the hay bale to wrap the entire bale around. Compared with wrapping the hay bales manually, the packaging speed of using stretch wrapping machine is faster and the packaging effect is better. On the other hand, the stretch wrapping machine avoids workers’ frequent and monotonous physical labor, reducing work-related injuries such as back pain, etc.

Special Designed Stretch Wrapper for Packaging Hay Bales

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