Orbital tape wrapper

The horizontal orbital wrapping machine which uses adhesive tape as the wrapping material to strap long cartons, foam boxes, stacked trays….. It makes the bundles to be reinforced strapped, prevent the crack, opening which may happen during transportation and handling.

Model: HM-TP

Adhesive tape bundling machine
  • Machine to be controlled by PLC program system with unmanned operation;
  • Fully automatic working mode, convenient to do operation;
  • Both conveyor belts and roller tables are available for the products in-feeding and out-feeding;
  • Automatic film cutter to cut and clamp the tape automatically;
  • Side clamp and top pressing platen used to fix the products at wrapping;
  • Available to used as the packaging machine for strapping long cartons, foam boxes…..


Packing length400mm-unlimited
Width150-500mm (available to customize)
Height100-400mm (available to customize)
Max load1000Kg
Tape rollID: 50mm, width: 70mm
Ring rotation40-60rpm

Operation video: