Horizontal orbital wrap packer machine packaging furniture


This is a horizontal stretch wrapping machine specialized for long and straight objects, such as aluminium/ PVC… profiles, sheets, board, door and window, cabinet, etc. The wrapped package is well protected, sealed and looks tidier. The machine can be connected to your existed production line, which plays a key role in your production procedure and is popular in modern packaging industry.

This machine can be connected with a sealing station for sealing head and tail end of the product before wrapping.


1. Working modes: Auto/manual.

2. PLC and HMI control system for automatic operation.

3. Ring speed: 20-60r/min variable speed controlled by inverters.

4. Packing mode: Spiral packing, Rotating ring packs automatically.

5. Rotating ring: Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring, 60mm thickness.

6. Driving wheels: PolyurethaneRubber.

7. Friction between wheels and ring: Adjustable by a belt tension adjuster.

8. Ring speed: Adjustable by inverter.

9. Packing material tension: Adjustable by film release device.

10. Protection device: Protective shield.

11. Automatic mechanical hand holds, feeds and cuts packing material automaitcally.

12. Parameters can be set on the touch screen.

13. OPTIONAL: Sealing station can wrap head and tail end of the product very well before wrapping.

14. High working efficiency, low cost and consumption.

kitchen cabinet stretch wrapping machine

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3 thoughts on “kitchen cabinet stretch wrapping machine

  1. we are looking into a basic wrapping machine to wrap our cabinets with strech wrap. our average cabinet measures 34 x 32 x 19 in. let me know what you have to offer

    located in moncton new brunswick canada

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