Door panel stretch wrapper

Based on the turntable pallet stretch wrapping machine, this machine is designed for wrapping door and panels in a vertical position. The machine has clamps to fix the door panel and use pre-stretched film wrapping the door and panels tightly.

Model: TP-DP165

Vertical door panel stretch wrapping machine
  • Automatic stretch wrapping machine with photoelectricity and limit switch sensoring units;
  • PLC program system and display/HMI for your operation convenience;
  • One button click to start the wrapping of the machine;
  • Clamp built on both turntable and top pressing platen to fix the door panels at wrapping;
  • Pre-stretch function make tighter wrapping than manual wrapping and saves material;
  • Improves your packaging efficiency much higher than manual wrapping by hands.


Turntable diameter1650mm/customized
Suitable door panel dimensionsWidth: 800-1800mm, thickness: 50-150mm
Wrapping height2000mm
Max load100Kg
Turntable speed12rpm
Pre-stretch ratio250%/300%
Power supply220V, 1/3Ph, 50/60Hz

Operation video: