Automatic stretch wrapping machine for wide steel and wire coils

steel wire roll strapping and wrapping machine
steel wire roll wrapping machine

Master Coil stretch wrapping machine is a large project we do for steel products manufacturers for packing their huge sized steel coils and wire spools.

master coil wrapping machine packing wide steel and wire coils
master coil wrapping machine packing wide steel and wire coils

Galvanized steel wire coils are wrapped around the packaging line, and wide coils are wrapped around the package line.

1. Application scenarios
This machine is specially designed for packaging ultra-wide metal rolls. It is a highly automated, integrated, safe and practical packaging machine with multi-station reciprocating motion and continuous operation for a long time.
It is mainly suitable for through-core winding packaging of large steel coils, aluminum coils, and steel wire coils.

2. Basic composition
The machine is mainly composed of winding head, roller station, control cabinet, guardrail and so on.

3.Scope of the application

OD 800MM-2100MM
ID 405MM-520MM
Width 800mm-2300mm
weight less than 12ton
packing station quantity 2-3sets

Our team provides customzied solution for different coil products and packing materials.
–Aluminum coil
–Steel master coil
–Copper coil
–Stainless steel coil
–Wire rod coil


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