How to decide whether you need a semi-auto orbital wrapper or a fully automatic orbital wrapper?

For many buyers who are in searching of an orbital wrapping machine have the same problem which is they are indecisive when choosing whether a semi-auto machine or a fully automatic machine could be better fit to their circumstance.

orbital stretch wrapper machine
orbital stretch wrapper machine
orbital wrapper
orbital wrapper

Today, we gonna talk about this subject with more details and analysis.

First, to determine whether you need a semi-auto or fully automatic model is to check your budget. For small business owners or start up companies, if you are strapped for money, it’s wise to choose a semi-automatic orbital wrapping machine. Because these machines are lower priced but practical to use, capable to handle your current capacity.

But for large factories which focus on mass produced products, it’s better to choose automatic horizontal orbital wrappers. Because, these machines not just have a greater capacity but also easily to achieve human less operation. Think about the rising labor costs, you will see the future return on the horizon.

Second, you need to check the variety and dimensions of your products. If you have different dimensions or different requirements for wrapping, you better choose the semi-automatic wrapper. Because they will be applied to different cases as they work with human assistance. Their efficiency could be much higher than the automatic machine as those machines have settings which includes multiple delays and unchangeable.

In terms of you products single products and have less change or differences on the dimensions. You ought to choose a fully automatic wrapping machine. Because it will increase the automation of your plant and increase your capacity cut costs.

To summarize, we need to look at the two factors when searching for a horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine. First is price, and second is the applicability between the machine and your circumstances, don’t give yourself the impression that an automatic machine is always better than a semi-auto machine. Sometimes they are not, even slower or completely useless.

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