Automatic pipe and tube packing line

fully automatic plastic pipe bundle packing line
pipe and tube bundles wrapped and strapped by automatic packing line

This automatic plastic tube packaging line is a fully automatic solution specially designed for modern plastic tube manufacturers, which can meet the highly automated needs of pipeline packaging.

This machine mainly includes pipe counting and strapping system, tube bundle stretch packing system, tube bundle bagging system and basket unloading system, etc. It can automatically count, collect, bundle making, bag and unload to specific pipe specifications online.

This equipment is controlled by a general control table, and each part can be controlled individually.

The speed of the equipment will match the speed of the pipe extrusion line.

automatic pipe and tube bundle packing line
automatic pipe and tube bundle packing line

Technical process description:

automatic PVC pipe bundle packing line integrated with pipe extrusion line
automatic PVC pipe bundle packing line integrated with pipe extrusion line
  • The pipes drop one by one from the end of the extruder into the pipe counting and strapping system. The functions of pipe counting, collection and initial alignment will be completed.
  • After calculation, one or several pipes will enter the pipe bundling system.
  • The end alignment system will align the pipe a second time. The tube bundle clamping system will tighten the tube bundle.
  • The stretch winding system will tie and fix the tube bundle.
  • After strapping, the tube bundle will enter the bagging system for bagging. The packaged tube bundle will be transported out by the unloading system and unloaded into the basket after being bagged.
  • The basket will be placed and removed in time.

Detailed description of this machine:

PVC Pipe counting system
PVC Pipe counting system

1. Counting bundling system

  • The pipe extruder is equipped with a pipe counting and collection system.
  • With functions such as storage and counting.
  • It has a horizontal guide, which can make the pipe fall in an orderly manner.
  • Can be used with pipes of different outer diameters.
  • The system includes pipe end alignment system, strapping forming machine and clamping system, etc.
  • The pipe ends can be aligned.
  • The pipes can be bundled into bundles.
  • It can tightly clamp the tube bundle, thus creating conditions for subsequent bundling and fixing.
  • The flexible material used for pipeline contact can effectively protect the surface of the product.

2. Telescopic packaging system

PVC pipe bundles strapped by stretch wrapping
PVC pipe bundles strapped by stretch wrapping
  • The strapping system consists of two sets of stretch strapping machines for strapping and fixing tube bundles.
  • LLDPE stretch film is used to tie the tube bundle.
  • Sturdy aluminum ring ensures safe and stable operation.
  • The aluminum ring is controlled by the inverter.
  • PU friction wheel is wear-resistant and durable.
  • Film tension is adjustable.
  • The manipulator automatically holds, feeds and cuts the film.

3. Automatic bagging system

  • This system can put the tube bundle and seal it in a plastic bag.
  • The system is easy to operate, fast and accurate in bagging.
  • Automatic bag making, automatic bagging, automatic sealing, etc.
  • Packing material is bag roll.
  • Sealing method: heat sealing after folding/automatic sewing/tape.

4. Unloading into the basket system

  • This system is a terminal device that can send the packaged tube bundle to the basket.
  • The lifting system can lift the packaged tube bundle and make the tube bundle fall freely on one side.
  • With unloading buffer system, can effectively protect the product.

5. Control system

  • PLC programming and HMI (touch screen) control system.
  • Two working modes: automatic/manual.
  • Input parameters through the touch screen, such as tube outer diameter, length, ring speed, conveyor speed, etc.
  • Automatic alarm shows the time of failure.
  • The independent control cabinet is flexible in operation and maintenance.
  • Comply with standard IEC204.


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