• GH-3015L is an economical fully-auto unmanned operation side sealer by our company’s independent research and development, which is widely used in mass production assembly line with auto-feeding, conveying, sealing, shrinking in one time. It is high working efficiency and suits for the products of different height and width;
  • Cross sealing bar with PTFE-coated sealing blade adopts vertical driving; Side sealing system by friction with hot blade. The sealing line is straight and strong and we can guarantee seal line in the middle of the product to achieve perfect sealing effect;
  • When it packs different sizes, the adjustment is very simple by rotating the hand wheel to increase the reliability;
  • The machine adopts advanced Siemens PLC programmable controller, with safety protection and alarm devices, while the sealing system can have a continuous sealing order without replacement; Maintenance is very simple;
  • Feeding length controls through a combination of electric eye detection and time relay to control precise film length that makes it easier to control the contraction effect;
  • Two groups of horizontal and vertical sensors are easy to switch for thin or small packages which can easily complete sealing packaging operations;
  • Automatic rolling waste material : Using a separate motor to control which is not too loose or too tight to crack and is easy to remove the waste;
  • It has automatic blowing function;
  • Front in feeding power conveyor and back non-power storage table can be selected as your demands;
  • SF-5030LG adopts advance blowing from the bottom of the chamber, fully use of heat to arise energy efficiency;
  • Frequency inverters control blowing and conveyor speed separately. The blowing direction is adjustable;
  • Visible window has anti-fogging function and can show the shrinking process in the chamber;
  • The speed of finger conveyor is adjustable which controls equal distance among products to make sure consistent sealing;
  • It can be used for packing aluminum, flooring, fabric rolls, MDF etc. The machine is suitable for mass production of long materials.
Aluminium Profile High Speed Mass Production Heat Shrinking Brands

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