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The heat shrink packaging machine packing cylindrical objects which we have introduced a little in the previous article with the solution of the heat shrinking machine package flowerpot, but the flowerpot is a small cylindrical object after all. Today, we will share with you the large cylinder Shaped objects, the most typical is carpet rolls. After the carpet is rolled up, it is heavy and large, and ordinary shrink packaging machines cannot meet the packaging needs of such large items. Moreover, even with such a large equipment, many problems need to be paid attention to. Below are precautions for packing cylindrical items with heat shrinking machine.

The first thing that needs to be paid attention to is naturally the rolling problem of items. Cylindrical objects have poor stability, especially when they are transported, they are easy to roll between the left and right sides. Therefore, when designing, we must fully consider this point and determine whether to install guardrails or other fixing devices according to the specific situation.

The second is the problem of item centering. Due to the small contact area between cylindrical objects and the conveyor line, many manufacturers do not design the conveyor line for customers to be particularly wide in order to save costs. When the width of the conveyor line is similar to the width of the cylindrical article, how to ensure that the article walks in the middle of the conveyor line becomes an important issue.

Finally, you need to consider some special circumstances of the item. There are many smaller points that need to be paid attention to when using a heat shrink packaging machine to pack cylindrical objects, such as the load-bearing capacity of the machine, the width of the film used, the width of the furnace tunnel of the shrink packaging machine, and so on. Of course, these should be considered at the beginning of the design, so they are not discussed here as key issues.

Precautions for packaging cylindrical items by heat shrink packaging machine

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