1) I would like your best quotation for:

  1. a) A semi automatic stretch wrapping machine with the following technical specifications:

– Diameter of the rotating platform = 1500 mm (pallet maximum size 800 x 1200 mm)

– Height from the floor of the rotating platform = 75 mm

– Maximum pallet height = 2200 mm

– Maximum pallet weight = 2000 kg

– Variable speed of the turntable = from 3 to 12 RPM

– Photocell for automatic pallet height reading

– Supply voltage = 220V  1PH+N+P 50/60Hz

– Installed power = 1kW

– Stop in the starting position

– The chassis of the rotating platform must have special front/rear dents to facilitate moving the pallet with a forklift

– Documentation: electrical diagram, operation manual, and spare parts list

  1. b) Pallet loading ramp for the above stretch wrapping machine

For better understanding my request, I have attached pictures of the needed product (wrapping machine + ramp).


2) In addition, I am interested in your self-propelled pallet wrapper robot. Please email me your best technical and financial quotation.

I am looking forward to receive your quotations as soon as possible. If you have multiple options for my requirements please email them to me.

A semi automatic stretch wrapping machine with pallet loading ramp

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