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Stretch wrapping machines can achieve a leap in packaging automation for investors, but among its many types, we need to choose the most suitable one according to our own needs and conditions. Here are 5 key points to consider when choosing a stretch wrapper.

  1. Throughput of Cargo Needs to be Wrapped
    For customers who only need to stretch wrap 1-5 pallets of goods per day, we recommend that you continue to use manual wrapping tools. If you pack 10 or more pallets per day, it’s time to consider using a stretch wrapper to replace the work of manually wrapping pallets. Using a stretch wrapper to wrap pallets can improve packaging efficiency.
  2. Costs of Packaging Material
    Compared with manual wrapping of pallets, using a post-stretch pallet wrapping machine can save about 20% of the stretch film. Using a pre-stretched pallet wrapping machine to wrap pallets can save about 40% of the stretch film. Although investing in a pallet wrapping machine is a significant expense, the service life of the machine can reach more than ten years. During this use process, investors can save huge costs in packaging materials, which is approximately 3-5 times the price of the machine.
  3. Available Space
    When selecting machine models, we need to consider the space available at our site. If space is limited, then a self-propelled pallet wrapping robot is the best choice. It can be towed to the location of the goods, walk along the outer edge of the pallet and wrap the goods around.
    If there is sufficient space, we recommend choosing a turntable pallet wrapping machine. It has a simple structure and stable performance, and is extremely cheap compared to self-propelled pallet wrapping robots. Operators can use a forklift to place goods on the turntable for wrapping. If there is no forklift, you can also add a ramp next to the turntable, and then use a pallet truck to push the goods to the turntable of the machine.
  4. Weight of Wrapped Goods
    The weight of the goods is also an important factor affecting the selection of stretch packaging machine. If the weight of the goods is too heavy, then you should choose a self-propelled pallet wrapping machine. This machine can be used without considering the maximum weight of the goods, and it can be applied to various oversized pallet loads. For goods generally less than 2 tons, we still recommend giving priority to the turntable pallet wrapping machine. That’s because the machine can be customized with a variety of configurations, such as adding a top press platen to secure extra-tall, lightweight loads while it’s rotating.
  5. Non-standard Requirements
    Non-standard customization is more common in stretch wrap machines. This is because if the stretch wrap machine wants to achieve the best packaging effect, the machine should be customized according to the size of the packaging object. If the size of the equipment is much larger than what is needed to package the object, the wrapping effect will be very loose and cannot meet the qualified standards. Therefore, when choosing a wrapping machine, we need to see whether the machine matches our goods. If it doesn’t match, is it possible to do customized design and production?

Before purchasing a stretch wrapper, please consult with our packaging consultants to ensure the model you choose is suitable for your needs. Stretchwrap Packaging offers professional consultation on stretch wrapping machines, free sample testing to ensure you find the right machine for your business.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Stretch Wrapping Machine

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