PET strap belt for strapping pallet loaded cargo

We have introduced in the previous article on the proprietary characteristics of PET strapping. The strong tensile strength of PET strapping is its biggest feature. Therefore, polyethylene strapping is generally used in heavy-duty product and industries, such as steel and stone. For ton-weight products, many companies also use pallet strapping for export packaging. It can be seen that the breaking tension of the polyethylene strapping can withstand the test!

Then the question arises. Since the breaking tension of the PET strapping belt is so strong, why we also use PP strapping belt? Isn’t it better to use polyethylene strapping belt for all the cases? The existence is reasonable somehow! Polyethylene strapping belt is a substitute between PP strapping belt and steel strapping belt. It combines the strengths of the two straps and is in between! Compared with steel straps, polyethylene straps are cheaper! But compared to PP straps, polyethylene straps are tougher!

Whether you are on a under repairing road or on a high-speed highway, you can see polyethylene straps everywhere! Packed stones, such as marble, are stacked one by one, tightened with polyethylene strapping belt, and placed on the side of the road for use. It will not hinder traffic, nor will it be easily knocked over and cause loss! The long-distance transport of large trucks, dragging several tons of goods, neat aluminum ingots, etc., are also fixed with polyethylene straps to prevent unnecessary losses during transportation!

PET strap belt is the first choice for heavy object binding

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