How to adjust the belt tension of the baler?

After the customer uses the baler for a long time, there will be small problems in different situations. This is unavoidable for every manufacturer. The key is that the customer should know how to solve it, so that the equipment can operate faster. Especially with regard to the belt tensioning force of the strapping machine, if the adjustment is not appropriate, the packaging effect will be greatly reduced. So what are the methods for adjusting the belt tensioning force of the strapping machine?

  1. The operator can increase the center distance by adjusting the position of the click, thereby shortening the belt and increasing the effect of tension.
  2. When the belt stretches and slips, the operator needs to apply belt wax on the working surface of the belt to increase the coefficient of friction.
  3. If the customer finds that the center distance cannot be adjusted, one needs to shorten the belt, replace the belt buckle or replace with a new belt; the other is to use a tensioning wheel method to achieve the effect.

The development speed of the baler is one of the few in packaging machinery. The current baler has completed the degree of automation. The future goal is to complete the diversified development of multi-function, intelligence, and high-quality. Only pioneering and innovative can achieve packaging. The diversified development goal of the strapping machine, the use of high-tech balers has increased the packaging efficiency, has become more functional, the body has become thinner, and the body’s parts have been reduced a lot, but the performance of the baler has become more unique. The scope has also increased, and the practicality of the packer cannot be evaluated externally.

The pioneering innovation of the baler is not only aimed at its technical level, but also includes the fuselage structure, shape design and other aspects. On the premise of increasing advantages, it improves its production efficiency, improves its repair and maintenance methods, and makes repair and maintenance. It is more convenient and convenient, to increase the safety of production, reduce the failure rate, and a series of measures, which are the development goals of the baler. It is guaranteed that while increasing its performance, there must be a certain range for the increase in the price of the baler. Reasonable combination of technological innovation is the condition for the baler to be invincible.

How to adjust the belt tension of the baler?

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