orbital wood material wrapping machine

Horizontal orbital wrapping machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of long shape objects and products. It is widely used in industries such as lumber and timber, steel studs and plastic profiles, aluminum materials, plates, pipes, and dyed fabrics. The principle is that the machine uses packaging material which rotates around the bundle moving at a constant speed through the swing arm system, at the same time, the tension of the packaging material is adjusted by the stretching mechanism to pack the object into a fastened whole, and form a spiral regular packaging on the surface of the object. Beautiful, dust-proof and moisture-proof. Improve product packaging quality and enhance market competitiveness.

Horizontal structured orbital stretch wrapping equipment. It’s the most suitable packaging solution for bundles of wood material, including raw lumber and timber such as wooden posts, panels. Also the refined and well finished wood products like door and profiles. The bundle forming is either to complete by manual stacking or machine loading. Automatic in-feed and out-feed conveyors, the power delivery roller is equipped with a pneumatic clamping device.

The swing arm of the orbital wrapper is equipped with a pneumatic brake device to increase the service life. Automatically sense the running position of the goods. There are four induction switches during the conveying process to sense the position of the material. PLC controlled system, this horizontal orbital stretch wrapping machine can be matched with the production line. The most suitable packaging material: LLDPE stretch film

Wood material wrapping machine packaging big bundles

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