Coil tilter made in China for flipping heavy rolls and coils in factory and workshops

coil tilter and tipper machine
coil tilter and tipper machine

The coil tilter is used to tilt weights of different specifications by 90 degrees. It is widely used in metallurgy, stamping, metal plates, molds, papermaking, steel strips, coils, barrels and other industries. Work efficiently, safely and reliably. The machine should be installed on a flat and hard ground, and the ground load should be greater than 1 ton/m2. Emanpack also accept OEM customization, such as maximum load weight and color, size, etc. Our factory has more than 20 years of experience in designing and manufacturing various packaging machines. We provide packaging solutions based on customer needs.


Item FZ-CT
Max loading 6T
One-way turn-over   speed Approx. 30s
Transfer mode Mechanical
Power output 1.5KW
Working mode Manual switch/ remote   control
Product width 600 mm
Product diameter 1500mm
Product weight Within 6000kg
Dimension Approx. L2200mm/W1000/H1700mm
Power voltage AC 380V, 3 phase5wires

Please Note that the data is only for your reference, the final turn over machine will be customized according to your specific object size.

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