Door frame-shrink wrapped wooden planks-min

Technical specification of the shrink wrap tunnel for wooden Planks

  1. Preform packaging machine
  2. Automatic blank packaging machine with feed and output conveyors using thermal shrink film.
  3. Dimensions of blanks (packing packages):
  • Minimum length not longer than 300mm
  • Maximum length not shorter than 3500mm
  • Minimum width not wider than 20mm
  • Maximum width not less than 400mm
  • Minimum height not higher than 5mm
  • Maximum height not lower than 230mm
  • The sum of the height and width of one package is not less than 450 mm

4. The weight of one meter of the length of the packaged package is up to 25 kg.

5. Film material used: both polyethylene and polyolefin.

6. The machine program control is able to memorize adjustment parameters for at least 90 different setting variants.

7. Equipment control with an interactive control panel at least 6 inches

8. Management language – Latvian, English

9. The machine’s temperature mode and main mechanical settings are changed by activating the product-specific parameter set in the stored parameter menu on the interactive control panel.

10. You can change the settings while the machine is working.

11. Productivity possible from 7 to 35m / min. Tolerance +/- 2m / min is allowed for the upper and lower limits in the offer.

12. The machine set includes a belt conveyor at least 3 m long and at least 400mm wide in front of the machine, with adjustable side guides for positioning the package and with infinitely variable feed speed, which is synchronized with the feed speed of the machine.

13. The working height of the machine is in the range from 850 to 900 mm.

14. The machine kit includes a film perforating device.

15. Maintenance-free cross-welding blade, constantly at operating temperature.

16. Controlled cooling of the welded cross seam.

17. Thermal tunnel maximum power consumption not less than 10kWh, installed power not less than 13kW18

Maximum temperature 250 * C.

19. The equipment set will include a mechanization solution for feeding the packaged packages out of the packaging machine and for cross-feeding on a at least 1400 mm wide package storage conveyor.

20. Film expiration alarm.

21. The machine must be equipped with the software required for its operation. Proof from the equipment manufacturer that the software directly supports the technology you are purchasing must be provided.

Shrink wrap tunnel for wooden Planks

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