Packing of packs/stacks of PV cells (based on silicon wafers with size of 166*166mm, thickness 150 microns), 200 pieces per individual package. Then individual packages are placed in corrugated boxes of 8-10 pieces. The corrugated boxes are placed on a pallet of 1200×800 with a height of max 5 tiers and a total gross weight of 450-600 kg.

Requirements to individual package.

  • Reliable protection against mechanical damage and moisture. PV cells are fragile products.
  • The approximate size of individual package is from 180x180x55 to 188x188x70. Approximate weight is 2 kg.
  • Each package must have an original QR code containing all the necessary information on the content.
  • To apply information, a label or direct printing on a part of the package can be used.

Requirements to packing in the corrugated box.

  • All individual boxes in the corrugated box must be securely fixed in a horizontal or vertical position.
  • The content must be protected from damage.
  • Each corrugated box must be marked with information on the content.
  • To this effect, it is necessary to provide an automatic system PV cells batching and creating a label form.

Requirements to packing on the pallet.

  • To provide automatic batching of a homogeneous PV cells packed in corrugated boxes and printout of identification documents.
  • All corrugated boxes must be stacked on a pallet 1200×800 in height max in 5 tiers. The total gross weight of the pallet must not exceed 600 kg.
  • Then packing with stretch film and fixing of the corrugated boxes on the pallet with strap tape must be made.

Requirements to automated line.

  • Collection of packages from 7 machines for measuring and sorting of cells into quality groups. Each of the 7 machines produces packages of any quality class (sorted by measurement results). Automatic sorting of individual packages into at least 20 groups of cells that meet quality requirements, with the ability to easily change sorting settings and the ability to create combined groups by quality. It is necessary to provide for the possibility of separate buffering of packages with a code reading error and packages with non-conforming products. Determination of the packing group must be ensured by scanning the individual code on the package.
  • Automatic sorting of corrugated boxes with cells into 8 groups + a combined group of several quality classes + a group for corrugated boxes with a reading error or cells of inadequate quality.
  • Determination of the cells quality class must be provided by automatic scanning of the packaging code.
  • Line capacity – 21000 cells per hour (105 packages per hour)
  • The number of machines for measuring cells parameters and cells sorting, which packages with finished products come from – 7.
  • The maximum weight of the corrugated box is 15 kg.
  • Maximum weight of a pallet with cells is 600 kg.
PV cells packaging

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