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Airport is one of the busiest places. Everyday tens and thousands of travelers come across the airport and fly to their destination by rushing time. With this kind of fast pace, the travelers sometimes will have their luggage damaged during the trip, the most cases are a scratch appeared on their luxurious suitcases.

Asking for a compensation is what the most travelers will do. They often go directly to the airlines front desk and request for the compensation. Every year the airlines lose great profits due to this kind of incidents, what it also bring is the harms to the travelers. Is there any way we could do to avoid this kind of incidents from happening? Maybe a small and cheap stretch wrapping machine could be the ideal solution for us.

lugggage stretch wrapper used in Ghana airport-min
lugggage stretch wrapper used in Ghana airport

The luggage stretch wrapping machine has been designed for luggage wrapping and packaging in airports. It’s an undersized turntable wrapping machine which has small rotating plate and clamping poles to fix the wrapped items like suitcase, cartons, bags during the stretch wrapping. The clamped items won’t be easily to fall and the machine winds pre-stretched film on the surface to make the whole item is fully wrapped. Give protection to the wrapped luggage, avoid scratch and stain when it’s handled and transported.

The pre-stretch function of this luggage stretch wrapper makes really tight wrapped package which is not easy to fall off from the luggage. It also allows us to save costs on packaging material as the stretch wrap is extended to 2 to 3 times longer.

Except using in airports, the luggage stretch wrapping machine is also a practical equipment to use in hotels, express or logistic stations, delivery companies and E-commerce industry. Wrapping products like air parcel, boxes packaged goods…

Luggage stretch wrapping machine used in airport

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