beverage tray sleeve shrink wrapping machine

SW-S1000 automatic sleeve sealing and packing machine is an automatic cylinder push film sealing and packaging equipment, which is widely used in mass production and packaging flow operations, automatic film feeding, automatic film sealing and cutting, suitable for products of different widths and heights , Designed for packaging such as lighter cartons.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for packaging of food, daily necessities, beverages, beer, mineral water, etc. with or without cartons. It can also be used for single or multiple combined packaging such as electrical appliances, auto parts, furniture, and floors.

Performance characteristics:

①The sealing knife adopts American DuPont Teflon coating anti-sticking and high-temperature aluminum alloy knife, and the sealing will not crack, coke, or pollute.

②The temperature controller adopts a digital display temperature controller, built-in PID function, the sealing temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate, and can be set at will.

③, automatic feeding, sealing and cutting length can be automatically adjusted by the combination of photoelectric sensor and timer.

④ The sealing knife itself also has an automatic protection function, which can effectively prevent the package from being cut by mistake.

⑤ The whole set of machines is truly connected to the unmanned operation of the production line.

⑥ Use original imported electrical components to reduce failures during use.

⑦. Imported relays such as OMRON are used to realize the integration of machine, electricity and gas.

Shrink film wrapping machine for packing cartons and cardboard box

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