hydraulic coil upender and tilter

The hydraulic upender is suitable for cylindrical objects (cylindrical paper, steel strip, steel), and can complete various angles of turning directions. It is convenient, flexible, and efficient. It can be used alone or in a supporting production line.

Hydraulic turning platform can generally be divided into two types: 90-degree turning and 180-degree turning. You can choose according to your product characteristics. Below we provide you with 90-degree turning platforms for several conventional products. If you need special customization, please Go to our store to search, or you can contact us directly.

Packing details:
Normal package is wooden box (size: L*W*H). When exporting to European countries, the wooden crates are fumigated. If the container is too tight, it will be packed using PE film or according to customer’s special request.

Hydraulic upender for coil tilting and flipping

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