automated palletizer and packaging line for pet food

The people who works in the pet food industries know how important it is for packing their products with nice exterior and high quality. The well packaged products are not just safely protected, but also eye catching and more competitive. Today, we want to introduce some information about the palletization of pet food to you, hope it will be helpful to you.

We suggest investors who are looking for the palletization line should think about few objectives of the packaging first:

  • Airtight, the package needs to be fully sealed
  • Nice feature, improve your brand quality
  • Good to preserve the fresh of the pet food
  • Having convenient features on the package to give good impression to the customer
  • Make yourself special rather than your competitors

The most common container for pet food packaging is the stand-up pouches. It’s easy to have variant designs and printing on the package and you can have your own idea and logo image. It’s a very good material as the packaging for pet food as it’s easy to seal and airtight for the very dry food and durable during the storage and transportation.

Adopting the palletization is very important for the packaging line for pet food industry. Because the work of stacking pet food bags, cartons are very labor intensive if it’s down by hands manually. Stacking by the machine not just avoid the heavy work, but also improve the capacity. The workplace injuries are also can be reduced when making the whole packaging line automated.

As the pet industries growing fast, the pet food is becoming a largely sold products. The market is still expanding and the opportunities still have plenty. But make the best products the package is an important part of it. We need to promise our pet food products keep intact when arriving to the customer hands. So, the good packaging material is needed and highly automated packaging line with the automatic palletizer is a must to reduce the labor intensity and improve our packaging and shipping capacity.

Let me tell you something about the palletization line of pet food

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