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With the development of industry and the technological advancement in the recent years, there are more types of shrink tunnels created and the shrink sleeve is taking off gradually. This is the right place with the right content for you if you are searching for a right shrink tunnel for your business.To avoid the bad experience of buying an unmatched shrink tunnel which could cost you too much from the daily maintenance to the time wasted and repairs. We suggest you to have a better understanding of the different shrink tunnels before making the purchase decision.

Brief Introduction Of Shrink Tunnel

The shrink tunnel is also called as heat tunnel which is made of metal material with the special conveyor inside. The chamber has built some heating elements and will warm up the shrink tunnel assisted by hot air circulation system to shrink the wrapped products to tight condition.

Steam Shrink Tunnel

Steam shrink tunnel replaced the hot air to the steam for shrinking the plastic wrap onto the bundles. it’s more often to be used in projects which involves tamper-evident package.Comparing the steam shrink tunnel with the normal shrink tunnels, it has it’s own benefit. It’s more fit for using under certain circumstances. But this kind of shrink tunnel will require a source of water which is a necessary part for the machine.

Self-Contained Steam Shrink Tunnel

As a variant of the normal steam shrink tunnel, the self-contained steam shrink tunnel is a little bit different. It uses a steam generator which placed inside the machine. It does no need any extra pipes compare to the normal ones. It makes better package as the shaping is much nicer and higher precision, tight and more even.

Convection Shrink Tunnel

The convection shrink tunnel is the machine which can produce the hot air but also available to blow the hot air to the package. The heat will shrink the wrap plastic sleeve more evenly around the item.

Radiant Shrink Tunnel

Radiant shrink tunnel is using radiation as the way of heating. When the sleeve absorbs the radiation the package will shrink to the tight condition and it’s good for packing products that requires low shrinkage. This shrink tunnel is very easy to have uneven appearance as the one side coming into the shrink tunnel first and the other comes in later.

Different types of shrink tunnel with their features

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