Horizontal steel coil wrapping packaging machine

Horizontal ring body winding packaging machine is named as the horizontal coil wrapping machine( coil wrapper ) in the packaging industry. The horizontal steel coil wrapping packaging machine is specially designed for copper strip coils, steel strip coils, aluminum strip coils, toroidal core, bearings, steel wire coils, welding wire coils, cable coils, rubber tube coils, and ring flange workpieces , PPR/PVC pipe coils, gaskets, various hose coils, band saw blade coils, corrugated pipe coils, brake wire coils, high-pressure rubber tube coils and other production companies.

Designed and manufactured as a novel wrappin packaging machine, its advantages are Made of high-quality steel, it is durable and has a service life of more than ten years. Secondly, it replaces the manual production model with high production efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and improves the working environment of workers. The workers work in a relaxed, safe and clean environment. The packaging effect is neat, and it can be packaged with multi-layer packaging paper, which can prevent dust, moisture, and protect the surface of the product.

Horizontal steel coil wrapping packaging machine

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