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Stretch film pallet wrapping machine (also called “pallet packer“)  is a professional pallet packaging machine that uses stretch film as the packaging material to wrap a variety of commodities. The use of a stretch film wrapping machine can reduce packaging costs, facilitate storage and transportation, easy recycling, and reduce environmental pollution.

What do you know the classification of pallet packer machines?

This is one of the most popular transportation and packaging methods today. Stretch film machine has been widely used in glass manufacturing, paper industry, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, food industry and other industries, especially in cargo container transportation in export trade.

When it comes to pallet packer machines, the impression is that there are many types, so how much do you know about the classification of pallet packer machines?

The classification standard of the pallet packer machine is different, and its classification is also different. According to the degree of automation (whether it is equipped with PLC), it can be divided into two categories: fully automatic and semi-automatic.

In addition, according to the structure of the film frame (whether it is equipped with a film feeding motor), it can be divided into three categories: pre-stretching, resistance stretching and mechanical pre-stretching.

The cost is very important for the machine film, and it is especially suitable for manufacturers with large film volumes. It is recommended to choose a pre-stretched film frame to effectively save the cost of consumables. In some cases, it can save the cost of multiple winding machines a year.

Do you know the classification of pallet packer machine?

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