Automatic line finishing steel coil turning and wrapping

The device includes:

winding device;

– a carousel-type receiving device for three tables;

– a rotary trolley for a figurine;

– two figures for the wire;

– control panel with touch screen;

– control cabinet.

The device should work continuously while the drawing line is running. When winding the wire into small coils, the coils of the wire are placed on the receiving table. The receiving table consists of a carousel-type mechanism, consisting of three tables. As the wire accumulates to the desired weight and volume on one of the tables, the flow of turns is blocked. In this case, the skein remains stationary. During this time, the device continues to work, which allows you to turn the carousel and place an empty table in the wire feed area.

When winding rosette coils, the coils of wire are lowered onto the figure, which is installed on the trolley. The trolley is given a rotational motion, which makes it possible to form a coil with the top. As it accumulates to a predetermined weight, the flow of wire turns is blocked, which makes it possible to replace the figure. During this time, the wire builds up on the guide. Thus, the continuous operation of the winding device is ensured.

The device is controlled by an industrial controller. All information data and settings by operating modes are displayed on the sensor display. Smooth acceleration and deceleration is carried out using a frequency converter. The coordination of speed modes with the drawing mill is carried out using a loop compensator and an analog sensor.

The equipment must be accompanied by all the necessary documentation (passport, manual, electrical diagrams).

The top features of this turning and wrapping line:

  1. Device for turning the coil with vertical loading in a horizontal position.
  2. Packing table for packing products in the specified assortment.
  3. Receiving table for packed products.
  4. To supplement with a device for turning coils 350-550 in the vertical position after packing.
  5. Provide the possibility of double-layer packaging. With a uniform tension of the packaging material from the beginning of the packaging to its completion with an overlap of 50% (+/- 20%).
Automatic line finishing steel coil turning and wrapping

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