New coil wrapping packaging machine

Large-scale automatic coil wrapping packaging machine, including frame, rotary winding device, rotary power mechanism, bearing table, conveying device, rotary guide device, ejector device, control device, rotary winding device is installed on the frame, and the bottom of the frame is equipped A conveying device perpendicular to the frame, the conveying device is arranged perpendicular to the frame, a bearing platform is installed on the conveying device, a rotary power mechanism is installed on the bearing platform, and a set of rotary guide devices are respectively provided on the upper part of the rotary power mechanism and below the frame , An ejection device is arranged in the middle of the rotary power device, the rotary power device includes two rotating main shafts, two rotating shafts, a driving gear, a driven gear, a chain, a rotating power device, and a rotating main shaft mounting bearing, and the bearing platform. There is a concave bearing groove in the middle of the bearing groove, and two rotating spindles are arranged transversely in the bearing groove. One end of the rotating spindle is installed in the bearing groove through a bearing, and the other end is installed with a driving gear or a driven gear. On the main shaft, the driving gear and the driven gear are connected together by a chain, and the driving gear is also connected with the rotating power device.

The ejector includes an ejector roller, two ejector swing arms and an ejector power device. The ejector stick is arranged between the rotary power device. Both ends of the ejector stick are provided with an ejector swing arm. The other end of the ejecting swing arm is connected with an ejecting power device, the ejecting power device is a swing cylinder, and the output end of the swing cylinder is connected with the ejecting swing arm through a cam structure.

The rotary guide device includes two sets of guide rods, a guide rod fixing seat, and a pair of connecting ears. Each set of guide rods are respectively arranged on one side of the bearing groove, and the guide rod is connected to the guide rod fixing seat through the connecting pair of ears, and the guide rod is fixed. The seat is fixedly installed in the carrying groove.

The conveying device includes a pulley, a sliding rail and a transmission power device. The pulley is arranged at the bottom of the bearing platform, and the lower part of the pulley is in contact with the slide rail. The extension direction of the slide rail is perpendicular to the direction of the frame. The pulley is connected with the transmission power device.

The rotating winding device, the rotating power mechanism, the conveying device, the rotating guide device, and the ejecting device are all connected with the control device.

New coil wrapping packaging machine

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