Shrink wrap machine packing door and panels

High speed packing solutions are difficult to achieve, especially for sealing and heat shrink wrapping. Because, all the steps from sensoring to sealing motion to heat shrinking processes are having delays and stops.

But how can we improve the speed while promise the quality of package. I think our four sides door sealing and shrink wrapping line is such an equipment to achieve the speed and promise the quality as well.

The two sides are using side sealer to weld two layers of PE film together and recycle the surplus material waste. The motion keeps continuously and non stop for actions.

Large chamber keeps more heat inside and shrink the package quickly with high effectiveness. Long in-feed conveyor allows workers keep loading and improves the capacity. Long out-feed conveyor can keeps more than one piece on the line, give enough time for the workers finish the work.

This same line is also available to pack various related products. For instance, panel and boards as well as large long cartons. For many furniture manufacturers which may produce beds and chairs, tables. It’s might be a good machine which can wrap all the products by one machine.

High speed automatic wooden door packing line helps you fully wrap your products with heat shrink oven

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