Aluminum profile bundles packaging machine

Machine application:

The aluminum profile packaging machine can be widely used in the outer stretch wrap packaging of different sizes of aluminum profiles, wooden bundles and other types of horizontal profiles to meet the high-efficiency packaging requirements of profile manufacturers. The packed package is well protected and sealed and looks neater.

profile packing machine for aluminum extrusions
profile packing machine for aluminum extrusions

Machine feature:

  • Use PLC and HMI.
  • When a failure occurs, the indicator will automatically alarm.
  • The friction wheel mechanism makes the work safer, more stable and full of vitality.
  • The conveyor line can choose rollers, belts and racks.
  • Use a photoelectric sensor to set the packaging position.
  • Use a special tensioning device.
  • The height of the ring can be adjusted according to different objects.
  • You can choose a manipulator to feed and cut the film, which is safe and efficient.
  • The profile roller and side protection roller can be used to fix single contour or light objects.
  • Since the machine has a wide range of uses, it can also wrap short items.
Aluminum Profile bundle packaging machine

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