Sandwich panel packing machine and wrapping machine

Product Application

This is master sandwich panel horizontal stretch wrapper machine and spiral wrapping machine with automatic material cutting and sealing station specialized for packing horizontal objects such as sheets, doors, Floor board, window, furniture… the wrapped package is well-protected & sealed & looks more tidy. The wrapping machine can be connecting to the packing line for automatically wrapping.


a) Place the products onto the orbital SPIRAL sandwich panel stretch wrapper in-feeding conveyor.

b) Moving the product to wrapping position automatically while sensors detect it

c) Press down device presses the package automatically.

d) Products stop automatically while it at the sealing position.

e) Feeding and cutting packing material automatically.

f) Products go through the wrapper for automatic sealing and wrapping.

g) Place the reinforcing wraps to the tail end of the product.

h) Unloading the packed package.

i) End for circle

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