Online pallet and skid stretch wrap machine

The automatic stretch wrapping packaging machine is an automatic working machine used to complete the packaging production work function. Like other automatic working machines such as shrink wrapping machines, its process operation and auxiliary operations are automatically completed by the automatic work execution mechanism of the machine according to the set program.

The process operation is the basic operation for directly processing of the packaging object, and it is indispensable to complete the packaging process. The loading, turning, and discharging of the packaged items in the automatic stretch wrapping machine belong to it. Auxiliary operations are required preparatory operations for continuous process operations, such as feeding, indexing, conveying, and unloading operations.

The difference in the degree of automation of automatic packaging machines is reflected in the degree of automation of auxiliary operations. Automatic packaging machine is the direction of packaging machinery development, and it is required to develop in the direction of versatility, high speed and high efficiency. Packaging machinery systems that use electronic microprocessors for automatic adjustment and control will be increasingly popularized and applied. And the automated packaging workshop has been applied in some advanced manufacturing companies in the packaging industry.

Wuxi Emancipator Machinery Co., Ltd has developed and manufactured special stretch wrapping machinery for decades, and has accumulated rich experience in machine manufacturing. Recently, it has increased the research and development of fully automatic shrink wrapping lines and has achieved gratifying results. It has launched a variety of automation levels to reach the international level. The packaging line has received positive responses from the market.

Automation of stretch wrapping and shrink wrapping packaging machinery

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