mold flipper for turning injection molds and casting die

Mold upender has the job to flip heavy injection moulds and casting die. As a very critical part of the casting procedure, this turnover machine is very necessary and important for handling the dangerous and heavy jobs.

Different from up ending with crane or hoist, using the mold tipper makes the turnover motion become less complex and efficient. But how to keep the machine powerful enough to drive the turnover rotation and stay stable at any angles or position when emergency happens and it’s power off.

Some people may have doubts with the electrical power system, thinking the machine is not enough to stay stationary when load is too heavy or insufficient power. But our eletrical mold upender can rest your heart with these doubt. Double chain and sprocket mechanism provides sufficient energy, self lock function keep the cradle stay firmly when power off.
Will the electrical mold upender be sufficient and capable to flip heavy injection mold and casting die?

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