tips for using the three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine

During the use of the three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine, there will be more or less failure problems. Some problems are fatal, and serious problems may cause the machine to be scrapped directly. Small problems are relatively easy to deal with. The following will introduce the common fault analysis and solutions of three-dimensional transparent film packaging machines.

Common fault 1: position deviation

Solution: this problem may only occur on a single box, not all boxes. This is because the knives on the tool holder are blunt or the knives are not positioned correctly between them, resulting in an incomplete cut. A complete break will create a tensile force to break the film, which will cause the film to shift in position, which requires regrinding the cutter or adjusting the position of the top line at the rear of the cutter so that there is no gap between the cutters to cut the film directly and immediately.

Common fault 2: uneven sealing and cutting

Solution: the three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine pulls the film down by the frictional rotation of the rubber roller and the optical axis in the tool holder. The film cut was shorter than the previous setup because the gap between the rubber roller and the optical axis caused the film to pull down. The position of the optical axis in the tool holder cannot be fixed, and the rubber roller needs to be adjusted. The fixing screws on the left and right sides of the rubber roller are further tightened in the direction of the optical axis, so that the rubber roller is in close contact with the optical axis, thereby The length of the inferior membrane may be normal.

Here are some tips for using the three-dimensional transparent film packaging machine:

  • 1. Carry out full surface maintenance every three months;
  • 2. After the daily work is completed, the surface of the machine should be cleaned and covered tightly to prevent dust pollution;
  • 3. It is necessary to ensure that the machinery and equipment are placed smoothly, to ensure that the equipment can operate safely and normally, and to avoid unnecessary troubles;
  • 4. Select skilled operators to operate and use to prevent unnecessary damage;
  • 5. To carry out regular maintenance, check all kinds of unnecessary hidden dangers;
  • 6. In the process of use, it is strictly forbidden to directly prevent the high temperature of the machine from being overheated, so as not to hurt the hands;
  • 7. After the use of the machine and equipment, clean up all the unnecessary things and prepare for the next convenient use.
Troubleshooting of the three-dimensional packaging machine

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