TOP class pallet stretch wrapping machine and pallet packaging machine

pallet stretch wrapping machine
pallet stretch wrapping machine

The pallet stretch wrapping machine uses PE stretch wrapping film to pack the goods, which makes the goods stable and tidy; In addition, it also has the function of waterproof and dustproof. And can reduce labor intensity; improve work efficiency, is the ideal packaging equipment for modern enterprises.

Machine feature:

  • The electrical control adopts PLC.
  • The special packing position reinforcement cycle can be set randomly, and it can be reset automatically.
  • Automatic working mode. You can also switch to manual mode.
  • Simple design and easy maintenance.
  • When a failure occurs, the indicator will automatically alarm.
  • A photocell for height sensing of trays.
  • It can be equipped with pneumatic top press, pre-stretching and overhaul ramps as required.

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